The Sandbox
The sandbox is a club I mentored at my old school. The goal? To provide an environment for students to be creative, learn new things, and solve great problems. It is based on creative learning techniques like tinkering, interest-based learning and constructionism (see MIT Media Lab's MOOC, Learning Creative Learning).

Current projects include games, Kinect motion-capture software, self-parking Lego cars, Lego printers, internet-enabled coffee machines, drones and autonomous robot races.
Sandpit Logo
We're a team of four students preparing to launch a weather balloon 100,000 feet into the sky packed with sensors and cameras to study the ozone layer, cosmic radiation and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Lately, we have been testing sensors with dry-ice for any temperature issues.

Autonomous robot
Inspired by the Udacity class Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, and interested in extending our schools' robotics program, I am working my own self-driving robot. Currently, I am implementing grid-based Particle Filter SLAM (take a look at my Occupancy Grid Mapping progress).
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F1 in Schools
It's an international competition to design, test, build and race what is essentially a 20cm rocket on wheels. In 2011 our team (Stephen Yoannidis, Lucas Scodellaro and myself) won Best Engineered Design in Australia.

F1 Car
Design Portfolio
Forecast Accuracy
We often complain when weather forecasts are wrong, but how (in)accurate are they really? Not so much (an average of 1 to 2 degrees C) it turns out, as I discovered during a Year 9 project, for which I created a program to collect and compare forecast data with the actual conditions on that day.

ON screenshot
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Collected data (xml)
OneNote Add-ins Tutorial
Back in early 2011 I wanted to do some OneNote development. I searched the web for some tutorials and couldn't find any.

So I made my own.

ON screenshot
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Injalak Hill in Gunbalanya, the Northern Territory
Canon EOS 500D ~ f/2.8, 1/3200 sec, ISO 100, 160mm